Computer Forensics

Since 2002, Computer Forensic Services, Inc., has been providing cost effective, end to end and reliable "Expert" electronic evidence, bringing together Data Collection, Processing, Analysis, Reporting and Testimony to business, legal and government organizations. We analyze Windows and Apple (Macbook) operating systems. We conduct Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry (Smartphone) and Cell Phone analysis. We have real world experience. We have qualified as "Experts" in Federal and State courts and all examiners are Certified Computer Examiners (CCE) , Certified CelleBrite UFED Mobile Phone Examiner and licensed as private investigators in the State of Texas. Our examiners have completed background checks. We specialize in Labor and Employment, Business Disputes, Fraud, Family and Criminal litigation. We have been involved in cases involving Millions of Dollars. We accept Special Master and Expert appointments to Federal and State criminal & civil cases. We work for Public Defenders Offices in both Federal and State court.

What is Mobile Device Forensics?
Mobile device forensics is directly connected to digital forensics and can be defined as being the recovery of digital information or data which is often used for criminal evidence. Mobile Device Forensics by definition applies only to mobile devices, e.g. tablets, cell phones etc, but it the term also includes any portable digital device that has both internal memory and communication abilities such as PDA devices and also GPS devices.